Pact-Blood, Fevergrass

YEAR: 2013 PUBLISHER: Ricochet Editions COVER ART:  MYMO   AVAILABLE FROM:  Ricochet Editions   Small Press Distribution   Amazon   ISBN:  978-1-9389-0006-8

YEAR: 2013
PUBLISHER: Ricochet Editions

Ricochet Editions
Small Press Distribution

ISBN: 978-1-9389-0006-8

Greenberg invites readers into a dark, pastoral landscape in which tenacity is currency. The physical anchors of these poems—ghosts, children, the body in various stages of injury or disease—combine to form a world in which the reader, like these characters, is neither lost nor found, and always searching. 


"One steps barefoot, and with care, through the richly animate landscape of these poems. It's a feral world experienced by children, a place of magic spells, divinations, hidden dangers, ghosts, strange wandering souls, haunts and folk-tales, where nothing remains stable. [...] Miriam Bird Greenberg's poetry is inventive, deeply imaginative and down to earth. Hers is one of the most captivating talents I've come across in years." David Wevill, author of To Build My Shadow a Fire: The Poetry and Translations of David Wevill


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