Poems from In the Volcano's Mouth

Missouri Review: "Would You Believe," “Ophidia” (along with a micro-essay to introduce it), which was later reprinted on Poetry Daily, here.

Rove Poetry: "Incantation" (forthcoming)

Ecotone: "A Spectacular Reformation of Their Old Ways" (forthcoming)

Colorado Review: “Killing

The Quotidian Bee: “How Loss Inhabits A Body” (reprinted from Ninth Letter)

Nashville ReviewEarly In The Day Of The Solar Eclipse

The Paris-American: “Shortness of Breath,” “The Old Order

Poetry: “I Passed Three Girls Killing A Goat

The Baffler: "After I Die"


Poems from All night in the new country

Nashville Review: “Before The World Went To Hell

NEA Writer's Corner: "When I Was A Child"

Sycamore Review: “It’s Hard to Forget” (you can listen to it, too!)

Verse Daily: “Elegy”

nthposition: “All night in the new country…,” “She went out to buy some bread…,” “When I was a child…” (as "Mend Your Hide With Needlegrass")

Poetry: “Long ago I heard footsteps

Smartish Pace: "Remember"

Killing the Buddha: “The Arrival," "Belief


POEMS FROM Pact-Blood, Fevergrass

DIAGRAM: “Seasons Changing"

No Tell Motel:  “My Own History of Plagues,” “Birthing,” “Ornithomancy,” “Burying

42 opus: “Bibliomancy

Killing the Buddha: "Avernus"

Poetry:  “Brazilian Telephone (reprinted from Indiana Review)”


Unaffiliated poems + new work

Lambda Literary Spotlight: "Crossing the Bridge"



Shankpainter: Three poems

Sycamore Review: "It’s Hard to Forget"



One (More) Glass: “The Train That Devours" (limited edition broadside on glass)

Pittsburgh Poetry Houses: “When I Was A Child” (reprint)


REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS, Miscellaneous Tales

A Thresher of Dust and Dreams in the Promised Land: Mindy Kronenberg reviews All night in the new country at Weave;

Luke A. Fidler reviews All night in the new country in TriQuarterly;

“A ‘real’ dystopic future”: An Interview with Miriam Bird Greenberg over at the Sycamore Review blog;

The Believer Readers’ Favorite Works of Poetry in 2013 listed All night in the new country as #19;

I reviewed Chloe Honum’s The Tulip-Flame at Blurbed;

I wrote about travel and desire lines for Sarah Blake’s NPM Daily in 2013;

I had a little bit to say at the NEA Writer’s Corner that year, too.