New Work

Cincinnati Review: “Of Mneme” (forthcoming)

Kenyon Review: “Of Sparrows,” “A Heron’s Age” (forthcoming)

Poetry: “[In the other world we use other words, painting]

Tablet Magazine: “One Little Goat” (or, according to me, “The Life of An Animal is Contained In Its Blood”)

Fairytale Review: “Of Humankind” (fiction)

Poems from GOLD BUG (forthcoming)

Granta: “Of Arcadia,” “Of Leather

Cincinnati Review: “Invocation

Hunger Mountain: "Of Inheritance," "Of Names to Disguise the Dead"

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal: Two poems from "Of the Tea-Horse Road"

Lambda Literary Spotlight: "Crossing the Bridge"

Little Wild Things: “Of the Bell’s Tongue


Poems from In the Volcano's Mouth

Missouri Review: "Would You Believe," “Ophidia” (along with a micro-essay to introduce it), which was later reprinted on Poetry Daily, here.

Rove Poetry: "Incantation"

Ecotone: "A Spectacular Reformation of Their Old Ways" (or via Project MUSE)

Colorado Review: “Killing

The Quotidian Bee: “How Loss Inhabits A Body” (reprinted from Ninth Letter)

Nashville Review: “Early In The Day Of The Solar Eclipse

The Paris-American: “Shortness of Breath,” “The Old Order

Poetry: “I Passed Three Girls Killing A Goat

The Baffler: "After I Die"


Poems from All night in the new country

Nashville Review: “Before The World Went To Hell

NEA Writer's Corner: "When I Was A Child"

Sycamore Review: “It’s Hard to Forget” (you can listen to it, too!)

Verse Daily: “Elegy”

nthposition: “All night in the new country…,” “She went out to buy some bread…,” “When I was a child…” (as "Mend Your Hide With Needlegrass")

Poetry: “Long ago I heard footsteps

Smartish Pace: "Remember"

Killing the Buddha: “The Arrival," "Belief


POEMS FROM Pact-Blood, Fevergrass

DIAGRAM: “Seasons Changing"

No Tell Motel:  “My Own History of Plagues,” “Birthing,” “Ornithomancy,” “Burying

42 opus: “Bibliomancy

Killing the Buddha: "Avernus"

Poetry:  “Brazilian Telephone (reprinted from Indiana Review)”



Shankpainter: Three poems

Sycamore Review: "It’s Hard to Forget"


Other Publications

One (More) Glass: “The Train That Devours" (limited edition broadside on glass)

Pittsburgh Poetry Houses: “When I Was A Child” (reprint)


REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS, Miscellaneous Tales

"Animal Instinct Dictates Only Fear": On Miriam Bird Greenberg's In the Volcano's Mouth, reviewed by T.J. McLemore in the Kenyon Review;

Jim Piechota reviews Anybody by Ari Banias and In the Volcano's Mouth at the Bay Area Reporter;

A Thresher of Dust and Dreams in the Promised Land: Mindy Kronenberg reviews All night in the new country at Weave;

Luke A. Fidler reviews All night in the new country in TriQuarterly;

“A ‘real’ dystopic future”: An Interview with Miriam Bird Greenberg over at the Sycamore Review blog;

The Believer Readers’ Favorite Works of Poetry in 2013 listed All night in the new country as #19;

I reviewed Chloe Honum’s The Tulip-Flame at Blurbed;

I wrote about travel and desire lines for Sarah Blake’s NPM Daily in 2013;

I had a little bit to say at the NEA Writer’s Corner that year, too.


Ephemera & Errata

I read from Species of Spaces while my hair did very medusa-like things in this amazing hand-drawn animation by Lisa Iglesias.

I read with inimitable badass and student of the mythical beasts Donika Kelly, at Malvern Books in Austin, Texas, in February 2017 and whaddyaknow, it's on YouTube. Watch me or Donika, whose book, Bestiary, you ought to know and own. 

The Poet's Bloc at the Oakland General Strike port shutdown, November 2011. We did a terrible job of documenting this (and you can't even see me--I'm the one carrying the slightly larger "America, I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel" sign, hidden in the crowd).